terça-feira, novembro 20, 2007


(Farley Granger com Robert Walker em «Strangers on a Train»)

Farley Granger
(1925 - ) Biografia

5 filmes
1948 - «Rope» (Alfred Hitchcock) - DVD
1948 - «They Live By Night» (Nicholas Ray) - DVD
1951 - «Strangers on a Train» (Alfred Hitchcock) - DVD
1954 - «Senso» (Luchino Visconti) - DVD
1981 - «The Prowler» (Joseph Zito) - DVD

«Hitchcock was fine, he was jolly. He knew what he was doing, that was the important thing because I worked with so many directors who would come in and they hadn't a clue what to do for the scene and usually they would hit on the poor cameraman. That's why most of them were alcoholics.» ler mais
«I lost my virginity twice in one night» (Granger describes a Honolulu night that epitomized his life. A 21-year-old virgin and wartime Navy recruit, he was determined to change his status. He did so with a young and lovely prostitute. He was about to leave the premises when he encountered a handsome Navy officer. Granger was soon in bed again.) ler mais

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